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My 4-Corner Process

Take a look at my process below. These bases will help us not only grow, but also preserve and protect your wealth.
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Choose your destination. I will help you get there.

It all starts with an information gather. This is an activity that allows me to learn more about you and your family.

I will take an in-depth look at your financial picture and discuss your short and long-term financial goals. My mission is to understand where you are now, and how we can forge and navigate the right path to your ultimate destination.

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Just as we want your investments to grow, we want your financial literacy to grow.

Growth of your financial literacy is vastly important in our financial plan. Simply put, if we don't work on your understanding as to why we invest, you are likely to have much wider swings in your behavioural finance patterns.

Just as we want to narrow our return dispersion, we want to narrow our behavioural finance patterns.​

Navigating the investment environment can be overwhelming.

This is why we will be constructing your investment portfolio using my 3-step investment philosophy (you can read more about it in the "about me" section of this website).

In being so dedicated to this investment philosophy, we obtain something highly valuable yet hard to quantify: confidence. Regardless of where we are in the economic cycle, we can have confidence knowing our partner company portfolio managers are purchasing wealth-creating companies at a discount to their intrinsic value.


We then use these funds to put together a portfolio based on your risk and return objectives.​


Monitoring your portfolio & making any necessary changes.

To summarize the above, first we learn about each other and make sure there is a fit, Then we work on your financial literacy and understanding of my investment philosophy. This leads to a portfolio implementation stage based on my investment philosophy and your risk/return objectives. The final step of my process is to continuously monitor and make changes where necessary.

As changes in our lives and the world around us happen, we want to make sure our portfolio is properly positioned to take those changes on.

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