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Mawer Investments

As one of my many product partners, Mawer Investments provide a great example of the types of companies they are looking to invest in.


“Anyone looking for some solid investment info, give Ryley a call. This guy knows his stuff and I highly recommend him. He gives the personal service without the high pressure sales pitch. You won’t be disappointed.”

— Len K.

Mackenzie Investments

US Mid Cap: from the Juniors to the Big Show 

Watch as Phil Taller, Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager, uses a hockey analogy to explain the differences between large, mid and small-cap companies

Mackenzie Investments: Another one of my many product partners holding a boutique of portfolio managers and fund teams.

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Edgepoint Wealth Management

The EdgePoint way to invest:  

We're long-term investors in businesses. We view a stock as an ownership interest in a company and endeavour to acquire these ownership stakes at prices below our assessment of their true worth.

We believe that the best way to buy a business at an attractive price is to have an idea about the business that isn't widely shared by others – what we refer to as a proprietary insight.

We strive to develop proprietary insights around businesses we understand. We focus on companies with strong competitive positions, defendable barriers to entry and long-term growth prospects that are run by competent management teams. These holdings generally reflect our views looking out more than five years. We firmly believe that focusing on longer periods enables us to develop proprietary views that aren't reflected in the current stock price.

Our approach is deceptively simple. We buy good, undervalued businesses and hold them until the market fully recognizes their potential. Following this approach requires an ability to think independently, a natural curiosity necessary to search out new ideas and a commitment to embrace the thorough research required to uncover opportunities the market doesn’t fully appreciate.

Do you enjoy not knowing what happens next? Other than suspense in movies, people usually prefer feeling like they're in control. But in investing, certainty and comfort are rarely any good. To achieve pleasing long-term returns, investors sometimes need to feel the discomfort of owning businesses that don't offer the short-term peace of mind that most of the market craves. Edgepoint's latest video below explains why successful investors embrace times of uncertainty.

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